Mindfulness – A Habit of The Mind

Becoming a mindful person is a lot more than just becoming more aware. It is a habit of the mind. We all develop habits; some are good and some not so good. But when you set out to develop mindfulness, it is what you do and the way you do it. One has to be open to the idea that not knowing opens doors to experiences that are life changing. Therefore, we must learn to become at ease with moments that present uncertainty.

In the past year, I have had a few challenges. As one grows older it becomes evident that many things will change. For example, it is pivotal to stay healthy. We will need a better health plan that perhaps covers non-traditional coverage such as gym memberships or alternative medicine. Yet so many of us older citizens are at risk of loosing benefits. The uncertainty of whether or not we will be able to afford health care in the future is a great concern for many people.

Becoming more mindful under these and other life’s pressures can be difficult. Confidence in how you deal with a challenge is very important. The first action is to release any fears or stress factors associated with the challenge. The next action is to make sure that you have a support group or team that will allow you to focus on your goals. Write down your purpose for becoming more mindful. Get rid of any distractions. Stay focused and never give up. Learn meditation techniques. A continuous action is accept that sometimes a plan can go wrong.  Learn to accept that sometimes we need change first.

Mindfulness can become a habit of the mind once we learn how to structure the routines of our lives and live in the moment.


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