The Aftermath

It is now time to be more mindful than ever. We all need to find a place of stillness and quiet and begin to reflect on how to heal our society. Have we learned any new lessons lately? Do we need to make up our mindful minds to be better and to open up to others?  I do not want to sound like I know it all. I do not want to sound like a preacher. But what do we have to gain if we begin to think of ourselves as one?

We have so many things in common. Many of us are concerned about the new virus that may hurt us at so many levels. We have to worry about violence and how some groups are targeted more than others because they look different or believe differently. So many things that we have in common.

Today of all days I had to take time to meditate and talk to myself about the things I want to see changed. I know that we can do this collectively. Because we are all one, because we all have the same needs, and because we will not be able to effect change unless we unite. It is pivotal to start being mindful and understand the concept of oneness.

Let me know what you think?


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