What is it that really matters?

I can certainly tell you that today really matters. The present really matters. The moments spent watching my granddaughter play with her dolls and how she imitates her mother’s gentleness. Today matters because it is a special birthday we will celebrate with joy.

When I catch myself preoccupied with things past I find myself feeling sad and forgetting that life is better now. We often reminisce about those other times and let ourselves be transported to those great moments in our life but many times we allow for a sad memory to imprison us in the past as well. The alternative is to codify our thoughts and know when to stop them from enjoying the present moment.

This means being aware of our wholeness. Body and mind are connected. What are you thinking about right now as you read my words. Are you saying, “yeah sure, who has time to be thinking about thoughts.” Are you trying to hold on to the words and becoming more aware of your physical response? Or are multitasking and washing the dishes as you read? “Mindfulness is singletasking” It means being totally and wholeheartedly present in the moment.


What is it that really matters to you? Describe the moment you are experiencing right now. I will appreciate your feedback and comments. Have a happy and mindful day!

Image by msandersmusic from Pixabay



I want to hear from you. Your comments are my inspiration.

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