Mindful Beauty Care

As I read more and more about how to become mindful and follow different exercises to help me feel whole and well, I want to introduce the concept of mindful beauty care.

We all want to look good.  Many of us are very health conscious and research the best diets and read labels for nutricional facts. We are what we eat. This is part of  making the mind body connection.  We need to eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise in order to keep physically and mentally fit.

I recently went to get a relaxing facial. During the session I wanted to practice mindfulness and focused on the process and how I was feeling. Yolanda Russo guides you through the facial and asks you to breathe deeply and focus on what is happening as she applies her natural moisturizers and essential oils. I can tell you that the experience is heavenly.  Every time I took a deep cleansing breath I could also feel that my skin was rejuvenating.

Meditation and applying all the techniques to attain calmness and stillness definitely should be part of your daily mindful exercise activity. This will also make you beautiful inside and out.

I remember the first time I had the facial done at Speranzi, I could feel my circulation improving from head to toe.  Yolanda Russo has worked hard to develop her techniques and some natural products. But she is not just a Spa professional or technician, she has become a friend. She really cares.

I think that becoming more aware about your outer beauty is important. But being mindful of what it means to delve into your inner beauty is even more important. An hour facial will make you feel like a million bucks. Your mindfulness helps to make a mind body connection. Thanks to Yolanda for a mindful beauty session.

*Speranzi is located in Verona, New Jersey. Check out the link on the side bar.


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