About Melba Christie

As a poet I am inspired by my beautiful family, nature and everyday events that make life richer and meaningful. It is not that I ignore the negative events. When bad things happen I try to make sense of the situation and look for the small silver lining.

This site is inspired by books I have read in the last few years on the theme of mindfulness. I recently suffered a shoulder injury and I have been looking for alternative methods to relax and heal. I decided that Yoga might be a way to get on the path to natural healing. Then I started reading articles on the concept of mindfulness. My mother would always tell me that to accomplish anything in life you had to put you mind to it. I realize now that what she meant was that I had to be mindful. I cannot tell you how strong minded she was and the things she was able to overcome.

So I am practicing to be more mindful in many ways. I will be writing about some of those experiences and telling you about other people’s strategies for developing mindfulness. I was an educator for many years, actually for more than I would like to admit. It was my passion to share knowledge and experiences with others. Many times I learned more from my students. So, I hope you will enjoy this new blog and share it with others and please send me feedback, questions, topics of interest and comments.

These days we need to connect more with each other. I hope this will be a place for us to do exactly that.


Melba Christie


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