I am Melba Christie and you may have seen other blogs that I have created. Creative Mindfulness is my latest blog. I have done a lot of reading this past year on the topic of mindfulness and it occurred to me that I have practiced being mindful for a while. I believe that to be creative we must be mindful and pay close attention to your surroundings. My mother would say that I would always look for “the cat’s fifth paw.” This is a bad translation of “buscando la quinta pata al gato“. It basically means that sometimes one does not have to “split hairs” or make things more complicated than they are. Paying close attention to something did not mean I wanted to complicate things but to the contrary I wanted a simple explanation for things. I always asked a lot of questions and I suppose that could be annoying to some people. But, I think the questions emerged as I took my time to observe and appreciate the details.

As an educator I always observed my students closely. I looked for unique habits of the mind so to speak to be able to reach them at an personal level.

I plan to share many of mindful experiences and to suggest articles, stories and strategies to help you become a mindful individual. I will include photographs and original art as examples of mindfulness. I hope that mindfulness does not become the buzz word or the trending wording. I hope it becomes a way of developing creativity and a lifelong way of living.

Please send me comments and share your mindful moments. I will appreciate your contribution and participation.


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  1. Your blog is empowering!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Poemattic.

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