The Practice of Listening to the Whispers of Our Souls

I have to admit the idea of listening to my soul was a little spooky to me at first. What would be the purpose and how exactly does one’s soul communicate?

During the past few years my curiosity about the soul or my soul specifically has increased. Could it be that this happens as we get older and are closer to death? Death can happen at any time, of course. No one knows when the final date will be. Perhaps only after having gone through a long terminal illness can someone begin to know when death is approaching. But, some thinkers and philosophers believe that we do not have to second guess ourselves or be too worried about what is unavoidable, and an inevitable part of living.

The soul does whisper though ; we simply need to listen attentively and to learn to be mindful and still.

Listening attentively and actively takes practice. It takes discipline. I do not claim to master this practice yet but I have gotten much better at tuning into my soul. I had to do it for my own emotional survival after learning my son was very sick. I never thought about death for him. No, I could not bring myself to even think about the possibility. I was firm in believing a miracle would happen.

However, it is now more than ever that I wonder about where the soul resides after death. I wonder if it exists at all. I recently read an Irish tale called The Priest’s Soul. It is about a young boy who was very good at presenting an argument and ended up becoming a priest. He was idolized by many and managed to convince everyone in his country that the soul did not exist. His argument was that because the soul could not be seen and no one could claim to have ever seen it, it simply did not exist. An angel was sent to challenge his beliefs. He suffers a great deal and in the end is able to prove to himself that the soul does exist and his soul is saved. Thus, I started to ask my soul some questions.

This practice took place mostly during the evenings in my studio. I would sit as calmly as I could and began to take cleansing breaths. During the first few minutes, I would pray and ask God for a miracle. then I would synchronize my brain to connect with my soul and listen mindfully.

I know that it will take some time to master this type of mindful soul searching. The soul will express itself in small ways. I think I am getting that now. I am understanding that the soul is a whole lot of things when we are here, alive and present. But it continues somehow. This we may never really get but it helps me to believe that my soul will meet my son’s once again.

I would love to know what you think. It may seem a little weird to think about it. But then again a lot of things are weird if you ask me.

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3 responses to “The Practice of Listening to the Whispers of Our Souls”

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  2. I take more comfort in the whispers from the soul and quieting the mind to allow them to be heard, than in anything my intellect may deduce.

    I like that it doesn’t require thinking, it only requires openness and listening.

    If I just allow it to be, I feel the connection, beyond what is physically present. I don’t need to wait for my own death for my soul to connect to the soul of my daughter, it’s like the roles reverse, totally ensouled, they are there for us, in another way than we were for them. Your son watches over you.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I agree.


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