A Mindful Center

Have you found your mindful center? I ask because this is a question I often ask myself. I believe that  we are all energy and that at some point we link to the same source.

I meditate every day and list the things that make me grateful to be a part of that energy. I try to bring myself into the “quiet place within” and try to increase my intuition and self-awareness.

I wonder how many  others try to do the same. Will we all be able to congregate to that mindful center? Will this powerful unity of shared energy impact the rest of the world and eventually bring peace?

I believe that if we are all seeking harmony within our lives then we must come together at some point. I believe we are beginning to understand more and more  the power of being at the the mindful center. The power of understanding oneness.

Please let me know your thoughts. Let us become one at the center. Let us all achieve the harmony within us. Happy meditating and becoming a part of the mindful center.


I want to hear from you. Your comments are my inspiration.

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